We are working in the possibility to receive international computer students to work for a month in one of the companies that cooperate with us and where our own students do their stages. From this blog we offer this to whatever educational institution that might be interested. Just fell free to contact with us and ask for more information.

The basic idea would be the following:
  • between one and three months in a company in Minorca: between January and March.
  • The student must be able to communicate in Spanish, English or French.
  • We would receive their Curriculum and send them to the companies for the final selection.
  • We cannot offer payment to the students, so the best way would be if they have a Leonardo or similar.
  • We would help the student to find a room with a family or help him/her to find a cheap hostel. It also depends in the languages they can communicate with.

Companies here are small computer shops and a telecommunications
company. Probably the most interesting for students is to see how
companies work in our island, improve their Spanish and get to know our nice
island ( ).

For further information can contact with us at:

Kico Borràs Palmer

+34 678533507

Skype username kicoborras (send an e-mail in advance to connect)


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